Varsity Patch Jackets

Varsity Patch Jackets

This varsity jacket is a time stamp of our journey thus far. It is made up of designs & logos that we have created up to this point. This high quality varsity jacket has Us Clothing signature wave design. First of it’s kind in the marketplace!

What do you want customers to feel when purchasing from Us Clothing. We want them to feel a since of Unity, Community, and apart of a world wide change. We want them to feel proud.

1. Us Logo (left chest) - This main logo represents those that stand against racism and injustice. Unity of alls races. Creating a culture of standing together as one.

2. Since 2020 Patch - Represents the year we started this journey.

3. Solidarity Patch (right shoulder) - Represents unity of all races.

4. Stand Against Racism and Injustice Patch - Represents that have been affected by racism and injustice.

5. The One Patch (left shoulder) - The number that represents unity.

6. We Promote, YOU ME US - Us Clothing signature slogan “You are you, I am ME, Together we are US".

7. Crown US (Large Back Logo) - This logo is a bold reminder that we are all Kings and Queens.

8. Est. 2020 (Small back logo) - Represent the year we started 

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